Staff Augmentation to Unburden Your Business

Author: Carlos Garce

Senior Sales Consultant @Quistor

Among the many services that Quistor Managed Service Functional (MSF) offers to its clients, I want to tell you more about staff augmentation, a corporate solution of which I am lucky to be a part.

I have been working for a client for five months replacing an employee who left the company suddenly. While the client is looking for a structural solution, I am carrying out tasks as diverse as a resolution on incidents; Excel templates design to automate the validation of Master Data requests, and system improvements. Also, I am in charge the process to decide whether to approve or reject the service request submitted by the different key users.

During this time, it has allowed me to better understand the clients organizational structure and establish a more personal relationship with the client that I had been supporting for almost two years before this came up.

Staff augmentation is being a very enriching experience that I would recommend to anybody but, what is staff augmentation?

A company faces a need for personnel, which may be caused by a high demand for work at specific times of the year, the unexpected (temporary) leave of an employee or simply due to reduced headcounts. Quistor, through this service, can cover these tasks for an agreed time, or on a recurring basis.

How is it done?

Through previous meetings, the type of work to be carried out and the duration of the contract will be agreed with the client and Quistor will offer its own employee with the knowledge to carry out these tasks. Besides that, a handover between client and resource will take place, especially on the client’s template and procedures. If the customer is already under Quistor’s support, an employee who knows the processes of that company will be recommended.


  1. Quick adaptation and learning by knowing the main tool and setup used by the client: JD Edwards.
  2. The assigned consultant has the full support by the full Quistor organization regardless of the task to be performed.
  3. We can contribute with our know-how to speed-up or automate processes or tasks you have issues with.
  4. Topics that occur for one client, might already have been seen by colleagues at other customers, which speeds up the resolution time and secures high quality.
  5. The employee will experience a professional development at facing new challenges and situations in a dynamic environment.
  6. Fulfilling this role creates a great modus of working together with the client and the ability to show the potential of what Quistor has to offer.


  • This service leads to a win-win-win situation.
  • The Client will receive a high-quality service with access to the full Quistor knowledge base.
  • Quistor will expand its relationship with the client
  • And the consultant will be enriched by this experience.

I am pleased that Quistor gave me the opportunity to grow outside my comfort zone and for allowing me to tell my experiences through this magazine.

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