Drive Cloud Adoption Within the European Research & Education Community

Author: Olivia Maengkom

Sales Executive Benelux @Quistor

The Research and Education (R&E) community is entering a new era of unpredictable change. It's more important than ever to stay connected, deliver value, and be agile. To keep up with this change, it’s crucial for institutions to rethink their digital strategy, a process that is often time-consuming and complex.

To drive the adoption of digital services and close the gap between the supply and demand sides, the European Commission, initiated by GÉANT, has funded the Open Cloud for Research Environments (OCRE) project. This resulted in the awarding of framework agreements and € 9.5 million in adoption funding. Such framework agreements will save institutions and cloud providers the time, money-consuming and complex public procurements.

To give you an idea of the scale of the OCRE project: • 40 countries and 40 National Research and Education Network (NREN) within were included • 10.000 institutions are customers • 473 framework agreements were awarded • 27 cloud providers are selected

Quistor is proud to be awarded the status of official OCRE framework holder. Under the OCRE Framework Agreement, Quistor will offer Oracle Cloud services in six European countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Over the next four years, Quistor will support the R&E community by offering consultation, migration, implementation, training, and managed services.

Quistor enables the R&E community to benefit from Oracle’s high-end technology, securing the success of their digital transformation journey. We'll help the R&E community by assessing their current situation first and develop a roadmap to achieve their digital goals. They can continue running their current workloads without disruption as we construct their secure, future-proof environment. Upon completion of the project, our 24/7 Managed Services will provide continuous support throughout. With a strong footprint within the Global R&E community, Oracle Cloud has proven to be the Cloud partner to revolutionise education, enable research, empower insights, deliver experience, enhance performance, and reduce costs.

Beyond these expected benefits, the broader industry engagement also facilitated by the framework, will allow Oracle to further explore the potential outcomes of a long-term industry partnership between Oracle, GÉANT, NRENs, partners, and institutions. For more industry insight, visit the higher education and research page of Oracle.

For more information you can visit our OCRE landing page: Soon we will have the OCRE landing page (incl. impression movie & other info) available in 5 other languages: Czech, Dutch, French, Italian & Spanish.

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