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Author: Daniel Ferrer Manager Managed Services Functional @Quistor

It is not unusual for service teams to feel snowed under with constant priorities and deadlines to be met, their resources can only go so far when working within their day-to-day structured hours. Of course, this is not always easy being limited to such time constraints and resources, as it can have a knock-on effect with other departments such as HR or finance, resulting in an overall lack of efficiency across the board.

Have you ever stopped and thought I would love to take the plunge and start a new project, but I need the backing of my service team to ensure there is reliable support, but it is never quite been the right time when they are just too busy, resulting in your ideas and needs not being fully met. This is where we can help.

It is time to consider Quistor as your support partner. Our variety of services not only enable you and your team to focus on the aspect of your core business, meeting goals and objectives but allow you to further increase efficiency and productivity leading to ultimate growth and success through endless support with multiple resources.

Let us introduce you to one of the main pillars within the Quistor Managed Services Functional (MSF) services: End-user support.

• 1st/2nd line support. We provide around 2000 support hours per month to end-users directly in the region of 20+ different clients, resulting in a vast landscape of experience regarding many issues that clients may face:

o Over 100 technical & functional consultants working around the clock o Over 50% senior-level staff (average 10 years of experience) o Mixed teams of seniors & juniors for continuous knowledge sharing o Provide real 24 x 7 global support to assure an instant response time o We aim to have small dedicated teams per customer establishing a close relation. o Our resources are continuously trained on new functionalities and tooling o Knowledge is shared and every resource has a backup so there is always a helping resource available for you.

  • Staff augmentation. One of the most common requested services lately. This service helps your department to continue with the normal day-to-day activities, despite an unforeseen circumstance, like pregnancy leave, sickness, retirement etc, you are provided the necessary time to hire a replacement. We make sure that after this replacement period, training is provided during handover, and therefore all key knowledge is not lost.
  • Period-end support. Quistor can structure the period-end support activities and support you with the execution and follow-up. Our teams are always available; therefore, we can easily and efficiently scale up base on your needs for the period required through your choice. Pro-actively we will identify, advise, and train your people to improve your closing procedures.
  • Change Request. Quistor has up-to-date knowledge of the latest JDE functionalities, technologies, and business knowledge to continuously improve the usage of your system. Our developers and functional consultants work together to provide complete satisfaction for your requested JD Edwards changes, with experience on all releases in JDE One World and Enterprise One.
  • Localization's support. Quistor has localization experts in-house. Together with local experts out of our network, Oracle resources or partners resources make sure we can give you the right support in all the countries you are globally present. Our advice is to make use of the standard localization packs that Oracle delivers per country as basis, which in most cases is enough. If not, Quistor has tailored solutions to support the local partners in countries such as Spain and Italy.

Quistor, being one of Europe’s largest JD Edwards consultancy, support & application management providers, has a strategy to be a reliable long-term partner for their JD Edwards clients. Operating globally and helping companies expand their JD Edwards template.

Please reach out to me if you would like to hear more about what we can do for you through our impeccable quality and services.

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