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Author: Izaskum Ajuria

Consultant Managed Services Functional @Quistor

Izaskum Ajuria

My journey with Quistor started in 2014 when I moved to Prague and joined their training program for six months. If I were back to that moment, I would take the same decision as it was one of the best experiences I have ever had so far. Things happened that quickly, I admit I was not fully aware of how lucky I was: being trained in JDE by other colleagues with different nationalities was a real one-lifetime opportunity. After that, I worked three more years in Quistor taking part in implementation projects and traveling a lot due to that. At that time, an opportunity showed up and I decided to give it a try and therefore, I left the company. I think, now, you have got the needed context to read further about my experience working back with Quistor since February this year.

Just a few weeks since I re-joined Quistor have proved to me that team spirit, transparency, communication, and caring for its internal customers (the employees) are still the indicators that Quistor monitors really close. Please, do not get me wrong on this point, it had those values back in 2014 but now, I feel them enhanced. For those used to working in the hectic consultancy world, you do know that there is not such a thing as a perfect consultancy company, or just a company if you ask me. Whatever company you work for, you will always find some drawbacks such as stressful situations, tight deadlines, work overload periods, and so on. However, if the company really cares about the impact of each of those things, it tries to help employees on carrying all over them with the best attitude possible. Usually, some of the tools are promoting employee bonding’s, allowing a good personal and professional life balance, backing you up with additional resources, rewarding performances or discovering new learning opportunities to you.

Landing back in Quistor was softer than I expected: I felt honest care towards dealing with the job on my first week: from ensuring I had everything to work from home till facilitating me time to get myself used to all the new ways of managing communications and daily work, which meant no assignments for a few days while I was catching up. I was even reached by colleagues with warm welcoming messages as my back at work was internally communicated some weeks ago, a really nice touch that makes it easier on resuming contacts.

One of the things I could notice that changed for the better is the flexibility we have while working and therefore, the trust placed on employees. It is true that Covid-19 forced companies to update and accommodate their teleworking policies in a rush but even though, there is additional confidence placed on employees and their use of working hours: you can adjust your schedule working hours based on your needs as long as you perform your duties as assigned. I have always thought this kind of polices is no other thing than a win-win result for companies, the better you feel within a company, the more engaged you will be with its goals and values.

But, if I had to outline something specific, something that was definitely different from 2014, I would say I was happily surprised to know that some KPI’s employees, like their billability, were going to be valorized by group performance instead of individual performance. This really goes in line with encouraging a team spirit, supporting the principle that every person in the organization provides a valuable output, and getting them to do their best when attending to every customer.

So, as you might already have guessed, I do think the most valuable assets when having a good working environment are intangible, like team, training, communication…What else could I add about it? Just worked for a month and I already had fun on a virtual team-building event (where talking about work was not allowed) and was trained in Orchestrator for a week (but within my working hours!). Yes, Quistor evolved and changed, and I must say, for the better. As a Mandalorian would say, yes, this is the way.

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