QuistorLive Virtual Event 2021: An Immersive Experience Highlights

Author: Charlotte Looney

Flexible Sales & Marketing @Quistor

Our QuistorLive Virtual Event for 2021 took place two weeks ago, on the 20th & 21st of April. The team put a tremendous amount of effort into the planning and execution of the event. We were committed to delivering a high-quality, fully immersive experience that gave professionals the opportunity to engage with industry leaders from across Europe. This was an event not to be missed!

We felt it was important to provide an experience that reenergized the event landscape. Even though an in-person gathering was not possible, this didn’t stop us from developing an original event experience that facilitated more authentic human interactions and engagement. To make this a successful event, we knew that light-hearted social interactions were going to be vital.

Zoom fatigue kicked in several months ago for many people. We felt the only way to combat this was through a content-packed agenda inside a fully immersive experience. We were particularly excited about building virtual escape rooms into our event social. This took the networking segment to the next level and gave industry professionals the chance to connect in a unique, fun way.

“The escape room was a great idea! I had so much fun!” - QuistorLive Attendee

What was the purpose of QuistorLive?

The purpose of QuistorLive was to offer an event that could be joined from the comfort of your workspace. With no travel time or associated costs, this opened up the event to anyone with a keen interest in the content streams. This virtual event marks the first time that we have offered a fully immersive experience for attendees.

Everyone was given the opportunity to engage with industry leaders from across Europe through interactive chat capabilities on the virtual platform. The content-packed agenda was filled to the brim with industry insights covering the latest technological trends, services, and solutions in the cloud computing space - along with a free-roaming virtual exhibit hall.

“It really gave the feel of an on-site event” - QuistorLive Attendee

What content streams were covered?

With a jam-packed agenda, there was plenty of content to get through. QuistorLive attendees had the opportunity to pick from the following content streams:

  • JD Edwards
  • Cloud & ISV
  • Business Analytics
  • Research & Education
  • Database
  • Netsuite
  • Spanish Language Stream
  • Italian Language Stream

“The whole conference was a job well done - it raised some topics that I need to investigate more and I didn’t miss much on the work side!” - Boortmalt

Who partnered with Quistor for this event?

We would like to thank our 7 partner sponsors for their support with QuistorLive. Through the support of these incredible organizations, we were able to deliver a virtual event enjoyed by a high volume of attendees across 2 days. We are grateful for their support and look forward to working with these organizations long into the future on a range of exciting projects.

  • DWS
  • ACBM
  • DBvisit
  • Q Software
  • ReportsNow
  • Oracle

“Thanks for a good event this week, I think it worked well. The flow and the platform were great” - DWS

Will there be more events in the future?

Based on the success of our QuistorLive Virtual Event for 2021, it’s certainly possible that we may hold more virtual events in the future. Did you attend QuistorLive? We would love to hear your feedback on the event!

“Just wanted to say thank you and how excellent the QuistorLive event was. The organization of the event, the presentations and the presenters were fantastic. All the sessions I attended have been very useful”. - Spirax

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