Netsuite: The Best ERP for Service Companies Data-Driven

Author: Elisa Evangelio

Marketing @RTTQuistor

Nowadays, regardless of the size of your organisation, you find yourself dealing with ever-growing markets, ever increasing competitors, customers who require high-quality standards, and above all, shorter timelines.

The Digital Transformation is also having a major impact. Companies have to respond to increasingly rapid, digital, and automated processes and need to rapidly react to changes to the market and to the context in which they operate. There is an increasing need to implement cutting-edge information systems.

What does this mean for Service Companies?

Service Companies are becoming increasingly structured and, in many cases, have tools that do not allow a 360 ° view of the company. They are often equipped with information systems that are not integrated and fail to offer accurate, timely, and reliable information, it is, therefore, difficult to make strategic decisions quickly.

RTT Quistor Itay has been working in Services for more than 20 years and is well aware of the key aspects that should be monitored. The organisations that deal with Services need to manage project accounting, keeping margins under control, allocating resources correctly, monitoring the time taken to carry out the work and the costs involved for a project. In this way, it is possible to achieve a data-driven business by increasing company profitability and completing projects on time and on budget. A double success: for your company and for your customers.

Which ERP does RTT Quistor Italy recommend?

Based on our extensive experience, Oracle Netsuite SuiteProjects is what is required.

Netsuite SuiteProjects was born as a SaaS solution accessible from any device and in any working context: at the customer, in the office, on the road, at home. The cloud is in fact an essential, interrelated element when selecting an ERP. In the emergency context, for example, that we experienced in 2020, the Cloud was fundamental to guarantee business continuity. Furthermore, choosing a cloud solution allows you to reduce costs related to the purchase/maintenance of hardware and the related problems of continuous updating.

Netsuite SuiteProjects is structured to meet the needs of 360 ° service companies. In fact, this platform is able to increase profitability thanks to:

  • Management of resources in terms of availability, skills, growth paths, training, internal and external costs.
  • Streamlining of operations and management of the entire project's life cycle: from an opportunity to invoicing.
  • Faster projects completion, optimising the use of resources and their forecast planning.
  • Accelerating billing cycles by improving accuracy, rationalizing revenue recognition, and reducing overheads.
  • Increased business visibility by including forecasts, resources, projects, and KPIs.
  • Real Time reports generation on key project related metrix, such as profitability and resources.

Plus, if you're wondering how to manage your documents, we have the solution! Netsuite can be easily integrated with various document platforms. In particular, Google Drive will allow you to upload your files to the platform and access them wherever you are.


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