Get More Value Out of OCI with Oracle Support Rewards

Author: Francesca Jones

Marketing Consultant @Quistor

Oracle has recently launched an exciting new program, Oracle Support Rewards. This program is dedicated to helping companies migrate to the cloud by reducing software license support costs efficiently and effectively. But what exactly does it consist of, and what are the savings for Oracle customers?

What does the program consist of?

In a nutshell, the consumer aim of this program is directed at companies making new commitments to purchase OCI services enabling them to reduce, or even eliminate, their on-premise license support costs.

The accumulation of rewards is based on monthly OCI consumption, so the more OCI is consumed, the more Support rewards you can achieve. Your support rewards are automatically added to the OCI console each month and can be easily viewed and redeemed at any time.

When evaluating the economic benefits of this program, we must make a distinction between customers with Unlimited License Agreements (ULA), as they will benefit saving a higher percentage and therefore cost reduction. Thus, for every dollar in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Universal Credits, a customer will accrue $0.25 in Support Rewards, in the case of ULA customers, it will be a reduction of $0.33 support cost. Any support rewards gained across a period can be used on products such as oracle database, WebLogic and many more – the savings can reduce your technology support bill even down to as little as zero.

Who can benefit from this program?

This program is targeted at customers across all regions with technology license support fees. Customers with support in Technology Licenses, although not including support in application licenses (EBS, JD Edwards,...), GBUs (Retail, Finance, etc) or Systems (Hardware) can obtain several benefits. The program can be combined with previous programmes such as Oracle Bringing your Own License (BYOL), standard volume discounts, Oracle Cloud Lift, all focused on accelerating the digital transformations of companies. It should be noted that OSR is not combinable with P/ULA2Cloud, nor with standard discounts.

Consumption of new OCI contracts and expansions (& Replenish) of existing contracts, in the latter case applies to all consumption. Includes Universal Cloud Credits on:

  • OCI in Public Cloud.
  • Dedicated Region and C@C

Does not include consumption of:

  • SaaS (ERP Cloud, Sales Cloud, etc.)
  • C@C Infrastructure

To conclude, the Oracle support rewards program is a simple and effective way to reduce your technology software license support bill whilst taking you on a journey with expert knowledge, enabling you to achieve higher value with OCI.

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