Face the Modern Workflow Expectations with Rinami Cantara Mobile Apps

Author: Martijn van den Brink

Sales Consultant @Quistor

Today, Multinational companies face the modern workforce expectations for the JD Edwards user experience with the need of Real-time data, perfect visuals, proactive, anywhere, anytime, and on any given device. Quistor together with Rinami Cantara has managed over the years to provide a proactive, personalized, and custom service for our customers anywhere at any given time through the use of mobile applications.

Added Value of Mobile

Mobile Applications are getting more and more seen as a part of standard processes and are a great way to automate and improve you processes by using data. for example, approval processes are getting more Time-critical. Mobile applications can add a lot of value to those processes and also get rid of unnecessary paperwork in the progress which leads to delays and errors.

Together with Rinami, Quistor can deliver a suite of mobile applications. Those mobile applications make use of the Rinami Cantara product.

About Rinami

Rinami was formed in 2009 to deliver outstanding services and solutions to asset-intensive businesses. Rinami developed the Cantara Integration product. The Cantara Integration Platform takes both the cost and complexity out delivering robust, highly available, and scalable integration points for the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product. The solution has been designed from the ground up to ensure that organizations can design and deploy tightly integrated systems using open standards-based tools and skills readily available in today’s marketplace.

Since the end of 2015, Rinami and Quistor started their partnership. The Rinami Cantara product enables Quistor to delivers seamless integration to Oracle JD Edwards to enable new technologies such as Mobile, Wearables, and IoT.

The Cantara Integration Platform

The Cantara Integration Platform is a powerful and very cost-effective solution for all JD Edwards integration requirements and Mobile development:

  • Provides RESTful web services platform for standardized JD Edwards EnterpriseOne integration that can be defined and deployed in minutes.
  • Client applications and libraries for Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft .NET, Oracle Java, and more that enable rapid development of feature-rich solutions that are tailored to business requirements.
  • BlocksElementsDrag elements like buttons, images, text, and more onto your page.TitleParagraphImageButtonDividerVideoShareQuoteHotspotEmbedFormCounterProgress barCircleExternal formsHubSpotMarketoSalesforceEloqua
  • Advanced JDE Batch scheduler with streams, dependency management, and event notification.

Quistor & Rinami Cantara

Rinami Cantara Apps together with the support and services provided by Quistor has multiple Solution Areas as; Scheduler, Warehouse Management / Barcoding, Shopfloor Control, Webshop integration, Approvals.

With the experience and knowledge which we gathered from the partnership since 2015 of Rinami and Quistor, we can proudly provide our customers:

  • Seamless and proven integration with JD Edwards, using connectors to standard JDE business functions.
  • Capability to leverage our JD Edwards expertise in defining an optimal global solution across all available technologies of all solutions, including standard terminals, mobile terminals and scanning tools.
  • A robust and performant mobile platform, with a low TCO.
  • Built-in offline capability, enabling future expansion outside company walls.
  • Processes and services estimate based on our expertise in similar processes.
  • An easy and transparent collaboration with all internal and external stakeholders of the project.
  • Strong vendor-integrator partnership, including Quistor’s ability to provide European based 24/7 technical support

Oracle has withdrawn the native mobile applications from the Apple and Google playstore. The new strategy is based on creating mobile apps with Low Code.

As Quistor we currently see two streams of mobile application development. One is based on native development and the other is based on Low Code development.

If you want to use native applications because you require more complex applications, we can offer the Rinami Cantara Integration Platform and Mobile SDK. A comprehensive solution offering applications for Field Service, Shopfloor, Warehouse management or Approvals. A solution that replaces the traditional players in this field. Rinami uses standard technologies so no need for specific vendor-related development knowledge anymore.

So, if you’re looking to replace your Oracle JD Edwards mobile apps or are evaluating mobile for JD Edwards it is worthwhile considering Rinami Cantara and Mobile apps as an alternative to the low code options. Especially if you require on-device or offline functionality.

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