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Author: Michel Sluijmers

Sales Director @Quistor

Quistor ExaHotel

With the support of Oracle and our data center provider Openline, Quistor offers a solution to make the high-end Exadata Database platform available to the average Oracle Database customer. At first, this Exadata platform was successfully offered based on the X6 variant. Quistor has recently replaced the X6 platform with the latest Exadata X8M version that is even more powerful for running your high-quality and critical Oracle Databases. Welcome to the Quistor Exahotel 2.0!

What is Exadata?

The Exadata platform is a specially designed system (Engineered System) for running Oracle Databases in which large volumes of data are processed fast and efficiently. One of the many unique features of the Exadata storage server software is the Smart Scan technology, which allows data-intensive SQL operations to be moved directly from the database server to the storage servers. In addition, the new X8M delivers the ultra-fast RoCE network connectivity of over 40 Gb/s and fully automated and optimized configuration, performance, fault tolerance, and updates.

By sending SQL operations to the storage servers, the data in all storage servers are filtered and processed immediately and simultaneously, while data are read from the hard disk and flash memory. Only the rows and columns directly related to a query are sent to the database servers.

For example, if a search is performed for customers who placed more than € 1000 in sales orders in the month of March, an Exadata system moves the scanning of the table to the Exadata store, filters all sales orders of less than € 1000 and not in March and extracts only the relevant customer names.

As a result, considerably less data is sent to the database servers. This allows for faster query processing, reduces bottlenecks, and significantly reduces the CPU usage of the database servers. Using the above technology, you will get more database capacity with the same number of processor licenses for your database.

What is Quistor ExaHotel?

With the arrival of the ExaHotel, we can offer a specialized, scalable Oracle Database platform based on a smaller entry of 2 cores, memory and storage, to meet your specific needs. With this solution, you can take your Oracle applications or other heavily loaded Oracle Databases to an unprecedented level of interactive and batch performance. A room in the ExaHotel is fully equipped, so you are assured of a perfect stay with complete unburdening.

Benefits of using ExaHotel

The ExaHotel distinguishes from other Cloud offerings in the following areas:

  • High quality 24/7 Managed Services on all technologies
  • Personal touch with a single point of contact
  • A minimum of 2 cores only
  • Fully flexible storage and memory assignment
  • Bring your own licenses without migration to Cloud licenses
  • Flexibility in applying DB options (partitioning, in Memory, Multi-tenant, Security..)
  • Make high-end technology available for mid-size companies

Licenses and Compliance

Exahotel is not only focused on performance but also solves any compliance issues such as using database processor licenses on softly partitioned virtualization platforms like VM Ware and HyperV. Our ExaHotel is set up according to Oracle VM's hard partitioning guidelines.

The licenses can be linked-to processor threads, resolving one of the most recent compliance issues. You can bring your own Oracle Enterprise Edition Database licenses or the necessary licenses can be provided by us in the form of a subscription, upgrade, or new license in any version and regardless of which Database options you need.

An overview of ExaHotel and other technologies that Quistor offers.


All your data will be highly secured in our datacentres in Maastricht & Landgraaf. We are not storing your data across a number of other datacentres.

Openline and Quistor are both ISAE3402-II certified. The annual audit recognizes the policies, practices, and procedures to ensure consistent quality in the products and services we provide to our customers.

Monthly costs

After a thorough sizing of your environment and the migration to the ExaHotel you pay a monthly amount for the number of cores, memory and storage you use. We can scale up and down if your business requires it so that you never pay too much. Our integrated management organization ensures that your environment runs 24/7 so that you can focus on your core activities.

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