Digital Future of Food and Beverage Companies

Author: Jorge Retamero Consultant @FoodQloud

To be part of a team working with the number one cloud ERP in the market and focused on the food and beverage industry it’s impossible not to be aware of all the challenges that food and beverage companies face and how technology can help them overcome them. It becomes even more apparent today, in the middle of a global pandemic, which is making us all redefine the way we work in one way or another. Below I’ve listed some of the clear trends in the digitalization of the food and beverage industry.

Improving and digitalizing the recipe management

Companies in the industry need to stay flexible in the face of the customers and their demands. Being able to increase the number of product variations has a clear impact on the time that it takes for companies to bring those new products to the market.

Traceability and Quality

One of the biggest fears of companies is facing a quality issue on their products as this can have a great impact on the business and permanently damage the trust in the brand. Digitalizing the tools to control the quality and the end-to-end traceability the companies can save a lot of troubles in this area as it secures customer satisfaction and helps the company adhere to quality compliance standards.

Business Intelligence

Just like in other industries these days, Business Intelligence is having an increasing role in the sector. For companies that want to compete today it’s key to have a clear vision of their data. Lowering costs, preventing waste in manufacturing, improving the sales strategy are amongst the benefits of using a Business Intelligence tool.


It’s nothing new that e-commerce is constantly growing globally. We are buying all sorts of products online and food is not an exception. Dealing with perishable goods is, of course, more difficult than selling other kinds of products. Therefore in order for the company to get the full potential from e-commerce it’s key to have a perfect ERP integration. The logistic processes also need to run smoothly and the company also needs to be able to listen to the customer demands and take quick actions on the offering when necessary.

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