How Quistor and Q Software Profit From a Strong Partnership

Author: Pierre Koopman Sales Consultant Benelux @Quistor

Quistor Q Software collaboration

Author: Stephen Davis Director of Sales @Q Software

As a managed services provider Quistor offers their IT-consultancy services to over 250+ international customers. We offer our customers JD Edwards implementation services, upgrade services, monitoring and preventive maintaining services and migrations to the cloud.

On top of this, Quistor has developed multiple out-of-the-box solutions for JD Edwards to improve your JD Edwards. All these tools have received Oracle Validated Integration certifications.

In this article I want to tell you more about our JD Edwards Security Audit and JD Edwards License Audit, services we provide to our customer in collaboration with Q Software.

Q Software and Quistor partnership – from a Quistor perspective

Q Software is a software vendor who delivers security and compliance solutions for JD Edwards customers to help them protect their businesses from fraud and significantly reducing the cost, effort and complexity of managing risk and demonstrating regulatory compliance. The partnership between Quistor and Q Software started a decade ago. Quistor chose Q Software as its third party application partner because:

  • Compared to the other JD Edwards security solutions and software vendors out there, Q Software goes above and beyond security. They also deliver top-notch solutions for fraud detection, compliance, audit trail and user admin management.
  • Looking back over the past years Q Software designed, developed and deployed new solutions regularly. QCloud License and Security Audit are examples of them.
  • Compared to the other JD Edwards security solutions and software vendors in today's market, Q Software is continuously looking to improve the already almost perfect solutions they have by collaborating with its partners and customers.
  • Compared to the other JD Edwards security solutions and software vendors, Q Software closely collaborates with its partners to support their customers. They don’t just want to come in, sell their solution and be gone. On the contrary, they want to ensure their end customers to keep using their solution. They do this directly with customers and through their partners, like they do with Quistor.

Quistor and Q Software work closely together to provide the best solutions for the JD Edwards community. We don’t simply pass accounts to one another, hoping that some business will come from it. No, we collaborate in a strategic way that contributes to the JD Edwards community!

One thing that proves our partnership are the weekly update calls we have, where we discuss the different security, fraud and compliance challenges our customers are facing and then determine the best solution, as well as the approach needed to help that customer moving forward. During these calls, we don’t only discuss how to support new customers, but how we can improve the existing solutions to fit the never-ending and ever-changing needs of today’s world.

In addition, let’s not forget, we discuss and align our marketing ideas. For example, our series of webinars we are going to run the next several weeks during April 2020. Beside weekly update calls, we are also setting up operational and sales training sessions, to ensure we have the right knowledge and elevator pitch that customers can benefit from.

Q Software and Quistor partnership – from a Q Software perspective

Q Software has for a long time believed in the special relationship that you only find in a truly strategic partnership, particularly when it comes to the quality of services and solutions that can be delivered jointly. And this is why we put a lot of effort into making sure these partners can provide the complete package, often complimenting other solutions, to our customers with experienced technical and sales staff.

Our partnership with Quistor started over a decade ago when we first collaborated on a joint account in the Netherlands. It was a large account for both of us and still remains a good customer to us both today. That first collaboration was the foundation on which we have built the strategic partnership we have today. And since then, we have added many new names to our joint customer list, many of whom have gone on to showcase the level of service that can be provided when two partners truly collaborate for the benefit of an end-user.

Our weekly reviews, marketing initiatives plus the occasional input from the Quistor technical team into the Q Software development process, is invaluable in demonstrating the strength of the partnership Q Software has with Quistor.

Now you know the partnership between Quistor and Q Software, let’s have a look at the solutions we provide.

License Audit for JD Edwards

It’s important to ensure that your JD Edwards licensing is compatible with your current needs. But how to manage this? QCloud License Audit is a cloud-based service which analyzes your actual JD Edwards usage and provides accurate statistics and detailed forensic evidence about user activity in each module.

QCloud License Audit can help if you:

  • Want to understand your JD Edwards license position
  • Need to establish how many JD Edwards licenses you require to support your current business operations and planned changes
  • Suspect that you may be under-licensed
  • Need to prepare for a visit from the Oracle License Management team
  • Are considering converting to named user licensing from a different licensing metric
  • Think that you will need more JD Edwards licenses in the future
  • Would like a clearer view of exactly who is using which ERP modules

As a Q Software partner Quistor provides these License Audits for their customers. Our dedicated JD Edwards consultants will run these audits and explain you everything about the outcome, using clear dashboards and overviews. So, our customers know everything about their license usage. A comprehensive process made easy by Quistor and Q Software!

Security Audit for JD Edwards

More and more of our clients are requesting frequent system audits to satisfy auditors and to ensure that security controls and Segregations of Duties (SoD) are in good shape. Quistor Security Cloud is based on a Q Software solution.

To do these audits you need to be able to identify weaknesses and prioritize areas of improvement. Security SoD audits are very complex and cumbersome tasks without using specialized tools. With the Quistor Security Cloud this belongs to the past. Our Cloud-based audit can conduct a Security Audit of your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system whenever you need it, without assistance from your technical team.

What are the benefits?

  • No in-house effort or technical skills required
  • Delivered within 24 hours
  • Accurate, comprehensive information
  • Delivered online, as and when you need it
  • Compare results and highlight trends with historical reports
  • Drill down to investigate issues with interactive enquiries
  • Save time and money, such as external audit costs
  • Clarify the effectiveness of security changes

For more details and how our Security Audits works, please have a look at our website!

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