Exciting New JD Edwards 9.2 Tools and Features

Author: Sonirani Mahtani

Consultant Projects @Quistor

Thinking about which is the best ERP in the market today?

JD Edwards 9.2 could currently be one of the best solutions in the ERP market, as its new release empowers JD Edwards customers to innovate in the digital economy.

Let's go through how JD Edwards 9.2 improved tools enhance day-to-day work in your business.

1. Geomaps in the address book application

In a Geomap you can now see the exact location of your customer and/or supplier. This will make sure the carrier can reach them without problems.

2. CAFEONE tool

Would you like to see order details, shipment details and load details at a glance? Be impressed with the CAFEONE tool which helps you see the information of all three parameters on the same screen while selecting new orders to check shipment details.


3. One view watchlists

Does your business need constant order checks? The advanced One view watchlists will help you maintain constant checks and send alerts to your mobile via Orchestrator.

4. One view reports and Enterprise Pages

There are screens that don't show you all the information required to take the proper decision. With the new release, you will not need to wait for a developer to customize it for you. With the One view reports and Enterprise Pages tools of JDE 9.2 release, you can create personalized screens and queries and boost your analytics with just one click.

5. Quistor JDE Mobile Applications

Besides the above tools, it is also possible to connect custom developed mobile applications to your JD Edwards 9.2 environment in order to increase the usability.

Quistor has developed five JDE mobile apps that are available for download for Android Marshmallow or higher. Let’s have a look at the different functionalities of these apps.

Quistor JDE mobile applications

1. JDE Item Availability

With the JDE Item Availability application, you can check the availability of all your items, searching not only by ID or description but also by scanning a bar code. Simply scan your barcode with your mobile camera to read the ID number of an item and access all related information to it.

Check out the app here: JDE Item Availability

2. JDE Orchestrator Monitoring

This application enables you to easily perform a health check of your EnterpriseOne Orchestrator environment. It provides information about which objects are performing well and which ones might need fine-tuning, as well as details about exceptions so that you can take corrective actions to resolve any issues.

NOTE: Before users can monitor the environment, an administrator must install the Orchestrator Monitor and enable Orchestrator health and exception tracking in Server Manager.

Check out the app here: JDE Orchestrator Monitoring

3. JDE Purchase Order Approvals

Your company might require you to obtain approval for the items or services that you purchase before the system processes it. This approval eliminates the unauthorized purchase of items. This app allows you to approve or reject your JDE Purchase Orders directly from your mobile phone. You simply review all of the orders awaiting your approval and make a decision on them: APPROVE or REJECT.

Furthermore, you are able to see the details and attachments of a purchase order and provide the originator with an explanation of your rejection.

Check out the app here: JDE Purchase Order Approvals

4. JDE Server Manager

The JDE Server Manager application gives CTO’s and support employees the ability to monitor and check up on their JD Edwards servers anywhere and anytime. The app gives both a quick overview and detailed information on the status of all Server Manager managed JD Edwards instances. Think of basic information such as instance status, resource usage and users on the system. But also a more in-depth view provided by health check reports such as zombie kernels and database hooks.

Check out the app here: JDE Server Manager

5. JDE Watchlist

One View Watchlists represent collections of items that match user-defined criteria. They enable users to define information to which they would like to be alerted. For example, a user might want to be alerted to outstanding tasks that they need to do or thresholds that have been passed. Watchlists provide an easy way for this information to be conveyed to users.

If there are existing Watchlists to which you have access, you will easily see these watchlists in the app, enabling you to review watchlists and respond to notifications on the move.

Check out the app here: JDE Watchlist

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