JD Edwards UX One: AAA Paradigm

Author: Maria Jose Ojero

JD Edwards Consultant @Quistor

UX One is a great user improvement that JD Edwards has under 9.2 version.

It is much more intuitive, helping users to enhance their productivity and have a great overview of the alerts and what need action from their side. This is possible thanks to the Alert, Analyse, Act designed paradigm. AAA principle enables us, based in watchlists and queries that can be personalized as well, to have an overview, be able to take the proper decisions due to the visual representation of the business and make sure we do not forget anything. It is based on roles, so it allows us to have the proper security from the business side.

Alert, Analyse, Act Principle is recommended for managers and users who need to have a good overview of the daily tasks which otherwise would be difficult to track with much more time needed.

The screen is divided into three parts:

Alert: situated in the left side, Alert column is based on customized queries and watchlists that alert us to review and double-check the different orders, vouchers, etc that need a double check revision. It also contains different colors to highlight the urgency. When action is required, UX One provides a direct path to the application with the filters already provided.

Analyze: In the central column it’s possible to see the Analyse part which contains different customizable graphics to monitor the evolution and identify operations that are performing outside of expectations. Thanks to One View reporting tool that is related, If you place your mouse in one of the columns of the graphic, you can see the quantity that it is shown, and it is also possible to go inside of the analysis clicking on the header of it.

Act: situated in the right column we have the Act column where we find the most used applications related to this role, to go further with the issues and be able to make proper decisions.

To sum up Alert, Analyse, Act principle shows us when a situation requires attention and it provides real-time data to improve the decisions that need to be taken, what makes it essential for managers and people responsible for different departments of the business.

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