Keeping in Track With Your Data Growth

Author: Martijn van den Brink Sales Consultant @Quistor

Data Management:

Proper Data management of your data is essential to avoiding problems such as a decrease in system performance, increased TCO of disk space, slower disaster recovery, increased time for new application development and so much more.

Quistor is thrilled to have Essentio as a partner and by working together we can ensure our customers have the best support for their data management using the Archivist tool.

About our partner Essentio:

Founded in 2004, Essentio has grown into a leading provider of enterprise data management solutions. As specialists in enterprise data management, Essentio understands the issues and problems caused by data growth. Through this knowledge they have developed reliable, cost-effective solutions to improve system performance, mitigate risk, and achieve and maintain compliance. Essentio’s flagship product, Archivist , goes beyond simply archiving data; it provides a complete end-to-end solution that focuses on data management, compliance, analytics and more.

With a thorough understanding of JD Edwards as well as additional ERP systems, Essentio comprehends that companies make huge investments in their ERP and other mission-critical business systems, to develop solutions that meet their specific needs.

System Performance

With the Essentio Archivist solution your company won’t be the first to improve their system performance whilst maintaining integrity of your JD Edwards Data.

With the Archivist solution your company will speed-up day to day activities such as;

  • Customer Service Inquiry
  • Item Ledger Inquiry
  • Picklist Print
  • Account Ledger Inquiry
  • Nightly batch jobs

How? Since up to 80% of enterprise data is inactive, non-essential or outdated, it takes your system longer to work through a large amount of data which can impact your systems performance. Purging and archiving with this tool, streamlines production data management to virtually eliminate data growth problems and improve system processing and reporting performance.

Other benefits:

Not only will you improve your data growth management, you will also experience faster ERP upgrade cycles and faster disaster recovery by doing so.

  • ERP upgrades are complex, time-consuming projects that often encounter numerous difficulties and delays. Archivist archives your data first which minimizes the time required for data cleansing, and thus conversion. It provides smoother, more repeatable upgrade cycles with fewer data glitches when upgrades go live.
  • Archivist reduces the size of enterprise databases, so that data can be restored substantially faster and with its integrity intact. Archived data sets, such as purchase orders, accounts receivable, financial spreadsheets, and customer lists are classified according to the nature of the content. They are thus restored quickly as intact data sets, ensuring complete data integrity so you can continue business applications and order fulfilment and maintain employee and customer information.
  • From a business perspective it’s all about risk. In one scenario, all of your data is available for discovery and in certain circumstances, legal or auditing entities may have the opportunity to look through a company's data. Archiving and purging data reduces the potential risk of discovery. A second and quite common business scenario is a divestiture; a company sells a business entity and related data needs to be purged. The parent may need to selectively archive or purge data after a transaction date, but before the physical separation of the data occurs. It could be the company that is sold gets a full set of the co-mingled data and then purges the former parent company's data.

Test Environments:

Essentio Archivist will create referentially intact copies of a subset of your production data as per your specifications. Archivist has two unique enhancements for software testing;

  • Streamlined Databases with reducing the size of production databases, you will have a smaller database to copy which will result in faster and easier creation of test databases.
  • Micro Test Environment. Archivist creates copies of subsets of your production data while maintaining their referential integrity. Internal or external development teams only access the necessary data for their project. This provides faster development of IT initiatives, faster testing cycles, and more efficient use of limited disk space; it also enables you to share non-critical data with your development teams, thus reducing risk.

At Quistor we have made several companies happy using this tool, helping them with their data management and ensuring we improve their system performance, reducing any potential risks.

We are looking forward to assist many more companies with archiving in the upcoming years, as data is and will be a big part of our business operations. Do you want some additional information or even a demo? Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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